Crash and Burn

Tiffin/Fremont/Findlay, 1968-70

Crash and Burn included Whitey Gwinup - guitar, vocals; Tony Paulus - keyboards, vocals; Rick Hurt 1968-1969 drums, vocals; Roger Hilty 1969-1970 drums, vocals; Jay Oman - bass, vocals. They were a four piece bar band named by Whitey Gwinup. Crash and Burn worked a steady schedule of the bars in mostly NW Ohio including Club 224 in Tiffin, the Rusty Nail in Findlay, and the Roadhouse in Findlay. They played the "Place Corporation" circuit - "My Place" in Ottawa, "Our Place" in Defiance, "the Other Place" in Celina. With Roger and Whitey formerly of the "Turfits/Amercan Ways" the band also worked the Castaways in Xenia. Jay Oman had been in the Nite Watchmen.

Story by Tony Paulus