Coventry Productions

Based in Akron, this was not really a label but a recording studio that released a series of vanity recordings using custom labels. The number system inplies some sort of organization. All these records seem to be very limited pressings.

P1090 (Chamberhouse) Chambermen Haunted Castle; Trying To Find A Way / Shout
P1091 (Phalanx) LPE. Mae RittenhouseSong and Sermon (Title on cover, LP reads Words and Music by E. Mae Rittenhouse)R-15363/4
P1095 (Hollis) E. Mae Rittenhouse Oh Halleluia Jesus Lives Within / Whisper To Jesus, Search My Heart Lord R-15425/6
P1101 (no label) Good Hope Quartette The Great Beyond / The Rock R-15951/2
P1104 (Gayle) Tracettes My New Love; Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen/ Go Tell It On the Mountain; Has Anyone Seen My Boyfriend R-16707/8
P1107 (Gayle) the Rhythm Masters The Long, Tall Texan / Time's A Wastin' R-17169/70
P1108 (Phalanx) Victory Jubilee Singers Glory Hallelujia / Travelin' Shoes R-17273/4
P1114 (I. B.) LPIsidor Bajich Tamburitza OrchestraJourney Through YugoslaviaR-19049/50
P1116 (Gayle)Kenny WardThe Lost Highway / Driftwood On The RiverR-20291/2