Pama / Clevetown

Based in Cleveland, Pama was started by Arnie Rosenberg and Patrick Connelly, initially to release records by Tom King and the Starfires, as Pat was Tom King's uncle. In 1964 they built a pressing plant in Pat's garage that was used for all the Pama/Clevetown/Tema/Audio recording pressings. Clevetown records was formed by Arnie and Joe Petito as an attempt to have a Cleveland-identified label in the manner of Motown. The PXT and CTXP prefixes were also used on Tema records. Both imprints used Audio Recording, so there is some correlations between the numbering, but too many duplicate numbers suggest independence. Clevetown records lasted into the 1970s, but the pressing plant was closed in 1970 when the house was razed for highway I-480.

104 Keith Stought Till I Die / Together
115 Tom King and the Starfires Ring Of Love / Cheating Game
116 Tom King and the Starfires I Know / Love You 'Cause I Love You
117 the Starfires Billy's Blues / Chartreuse Caboose
121 the Al Serafini Orchestra The Cleveland / Satin Doll
126 the Illusions Little Girl / Big Beat "65" (Bakers Dozen)
128 the Fugitives I Miss You Girl / This Is It
129 Ronnie and the Rainbows Gypsy Woman / Only The Young
130 the Al Serafini Orchestra I Wish You Love / Blues In The Night
132 Lori Ann Wagner and Bill Boehm's Singing Angels Santa Got Stuck In The Chimney Upside Down / Ding Dong Bell
1001 (135) Pinky and Jim Jenkins (Orch. - the Cliches) Manry and the Sea / Got Something For You Baby #135 in dead wax
136 the New Community Singers Manry and the Sea / Come Go With Me
137 Marilyn Carpenter Better Luck Next Time / Pardon Me While I Cry #137 in dead wax. No number listed on label
140 the Sounds Of 3 Desire / Sand and Sea
165 Joey Mann Someday Baby You'll Be Lonely / Was I WrongMay 1966
220 Joey Mann Cry A Million Tears / Is It Time To Forget You
230 Bocky Here Is My Heart / I'll Never Stop Lovin' You
240 Jerry G. And Company She's Gone / The Road Of Life
250 Joey Mann I'll Feel It / Still Water 1966
260 the Denmarks Sweet Dreams / Pretty Lies 1966
280 the Munx Sometimes I Dream / It's Too Late For Love
400 the Munx Our Dream / Girls, Girls, Girls
450 Ricky Hodges with Little G. and the Vibrators I Feel the Love You Have For Me / Don't Blow No More
No # Prisoner 0077 Prisoner 0077 Pt. 1 / Pt. 2 1966
777 Mike Adams The Eternal Flame / The Eternal Flame c. '69
778 Windy Blevins and the Rebel Grandsons Who Will Take Care Of the Childrens Dad / Green Grows the Valley
13493 Simply Us Lost Autumn / Wind and Rain c. '72

The Fugitives were from Warren, PA

Numbers #128 and later are on Clevetown, except #130 is on Pama. #128 and #129 have two pressings, one using white labels and the other blue labels. Which, if either, was first is unclear.