Clark's / Glass City / Toledo

The Clark brothers owned a record store on 1315 Dorr Avenue in Toledo during the 1960s and 1970s. For a period of about a year they ran a record label out of the store. There were four records released on three different labels but the original name of the operation was Clark's with all the 45s having a script C logo. 

Supposedly the records were recorded in back room of the store property. Based on the sound of the records, which in general are fairly low fidelity and don't sound like A&T or Hanf in Toledo and not like any well known Detroit studios, this makes sense. Along with the records there were shows sponsored by the Clark's under the name of the Glass City Review. One ad from Toledo's Black Raven newspaper (the African-American community paper in Toledo) includes three of the four artists on the label (excluding the gospel group) and several other apparenly unrecored, or unreleased, local performers. 

We were told that operation's tapes ended up in the UK or Europe. There is no connection the other Glass City label from the early 1960s.

(Toledo)  2808

Philip Temple Harmonizers

God Said He Would Lead Me / Don't You Want  To Go

(Clark's) 346

Romona Collins

Now That You're Gone / You've Been Cheating


(Glass City) 1316


You Can't Leave me Now / I'm So Glad I Found You


(Glass City) 1317

Jimmy Holloway

I Can't Lose Your Love / Prove My Love To You



Two pressings for #346 - the first press has the full intro for "You've Been Cheating" - indicated by TM-4230-1 in the dead wax.