Chanson / Starway / J.B.P. / Tee Vee

The Chanson label was started in Pulaski, TN back in the early 1960s by James Brown - no, of course not the Godfather of Soul. In the mid 1960s Howard Collins joined the label to play session guitar and write songs. Chanson put out several 45s, the most famous one being the instrumental "Oasis" by the Majestics, which was re-released on Chess. 

Around 1969 Howard Collins relocated to Toledo, OH where he started recruiting talent. At the time he was the vice president of the Chanson label, the J.B.P. (James Brown Productions) label, the Tee Vee label, and Czar productions. 

While in Toledo he released several 45s on Chanson, all by Toledo groups, most or all recorded in Detroit. He also released one off 45s by the LMNOPs (on J.B.P.), the International Five (on Starway), and the Kalenders (on Tee Vee) all groups also from Toledo. Howard's stage/songwriting name was Skip August. 

A few of the recordings listed below are different recordings of the same songs - "I Need You" by the International Five and LMNOPs, "Calling" by the the Unlimited Four and LMNOPs.


Charlie Chuck

Curiousity Kills / Disk Jockey Rap

1178 Unlimited Four I Wanna Be Happy / Calling


Mel Hueston

Time and Patience / Double Confusion 


1180Unlimited FourWalk Away Lover / Slow DownJune 1970


Unlimited Four

Somebody Help, Please / True Love Is Hard To Find (I Believe In You)


1182Evalene BradenSomebody Else / That's What Soul Is1970
1183The Street People IncorporatedThe Hurt's On Me / Someday We'll Be Together1971
1184Bobby ShawCouped Up Apartments / Miserable World
1177Ike NobleYour Love / Your Love Has Got Gusto1978
International FiveSo In Love With You / I Need You1970
J.B.P 2512LMNOPsI Need You / Calling
Tee Vee 2507Skip AugustShindig USA Part 1 / Shindig USA Part 21967
Tee Vee 2508Fabulous MajesticsJig / Early Bird
Tee Vee 2509Skip AugustWhat Goes Up (Must Come Down) / Tough Enough
Tee Vee 2510KalendersIt Takes Two, Babe / I'll Love Only You
J.B.P. 2511EvalineJust Like That (With A Snap Of A Finger) / LIke They Say


Two #1177s.