Challengers (III)

Cleveland, 1960-3

Cleveland R&B vocal group, led by Ann Bogan. She had been discovered and mentored by former Moonglows member Harvey Fuqua while Fuqua was back in Cleveland (he lived in Cleveland for many years but moved to Detroit around 1960). The other members were James Hutchinson, a woman supposedly named Dorothy, and George Hendricks, who was an occasional member. 

Fuqua formed a record company, Tri-Phi Records, and recorded two 45s for the group which got some airplay in the Cleveland and Detroit markets, with "Honey Honey Honey" as the most successful.  The group was not able to break out of the two markets and disbanded.

Ann Bogan recorded a 45 with Fuqua, and recorded a few songs as the lead singer for the Marvelettes, replacing Gladys Horton. Around 1970, she got word from Fuqua, who was back in his native Louisville, to join a project that included several groups centered around a band called the Highlighters and the vocal group New Birth. Bogan joined another trio, Love Peace and Happiness, who recorded a couple LPs for RCA. 

Ann Bogan returned to Cleveland and retired from active performing. James Hutchinson is deceased. George Hendricks has been a member of several Cleveland groups including Harvey and the Phenomenals and the Red Top Young Family.

Honey, Honey, Honey / Stay - Tri-Phi 1012, 1962
Every Day / I Hear An Echo - Tri-Phi 1020, 1962