Bryte / Brite Star

The Bryte/Brite Star label is one of the more unusual label operations. Bryte had a 'office' in Newbury that was a satellite to the main operation in Nashville.

860 Eugene and the Cyclones You Are My Sunshine / You Mean So Much To Me R-10415/6
224 Jimmie Holt Bring Back Country Music / Little Rosa CP-6873/4
250 Bobby Boyle My Heart Just Cried / You Had Your Chance 1962
300 Bobby Boyle Please Don't Play That Song / Rollin' Stone 1963
306 the Renaults Rockin' With Joe / March To Eternity CP-6993/4
308 Eugene and the Cyclones Don't Let These Things Happen / Thunderbird Twist 1962
309 the Nite Caps Wildcat / Jimmy's Theme 1962