337 the Chylds When I'm With You / Show the Peace Sign (PS)
3410 (711) Johnny Holiday Show the Peace Sign / Magic of the Mind
1207 Johnny Holiday Nobody Loves Me But My Mama / I Feel So Dead and Cold
10-4 Moon Man in the Beaver Van / Live and Love While You Can
4040 Moon Shoot the Moon / Magic Of The Mind Nov '76
8732 (488) the Velvet Crest Na-Na Song / Did You Ever Feel Like Kicking Yourself
4232 (111) Paul Antonelli Magic Of the Mind / Magic Of the Mind
17913/4 the Velvet Crest Things We Said Today / Something Tells Me (PS)
357/497 Midnight Sunshine One Day Lover / Concrete Ball (PS) Feb '72
111 Dan D. Ford God Help You Girl / It's Lonely Here With Me
377 Captain Foam No Reason / Will There Ever Be A Time (PS)