Arc seems to be one of the many labels related to the Rite pressing operation. Arc had several numbering series which corresponded with either musical style. Arc shares the same Rite connections as the Gateway label (which specialized in budget line cover recordings of current hits).

The 3000 numbering was R&B, 5000 for budget cover recordings of current hits, 7000 devoted to country, 8000 for popular, and 9000 for rock and roll. These are just guesses, until the 'true' story can be told - if ever.

3000 the Dusters Give Me Time / Sallie Mae
7001 Bonnie Clark and Jim Hayes / Preston McCoy Come Walk With Me / Billy Bayou
7002 Eli Kogos Don't Take Your Guns To Town / Gotta Travel On
7003 Chip Hansen When It's Spring Time In Alaska / A Long Time Ago
7004 Billy King / Eddie Smith I've Run Out Of Tommorrows / Pick Me Up On Yout Way Down
7006 Eddie Williams / Eddie Smith Cigarettes and Coffee Blues / City Lights
7007 Billy King / Hal Wright Treasure Of Love / Ain't I The Lucky One
7008 Bonnie Clark / Jim Hayes Mommy For a Day / Your Making A Fool Out Of Me
9001 H. Bomb Ferguson Little Tiger / Crying Over You R-1827/8