Little Anthony Mitchell and the Modern Detergents

Buffalo, NY, 1965-6


One of the first Boddie label releases was a 45 by Little Anthony Mitchell and the Modern Detergents. Boddie company records show the band was primarily from Buffalo, NY. The members of the group included Anthony Mitchell, James Smith, Lynwood Cooke, Robert Louis Smith, and Charles “Little Murph” Hammond. Hammond was listed as living in Youngstown, OH. The 45 appears to have been recorded out of town and released through Tom Boddie. There is a one year contract signed on Feb 15, 1965. We assume that the group played the ‘Chitlin circuit’ along Lake Erie and made the connection to Boddie. Lynwood Cooke, assuming it’s the same person, is still active in music as the sax player in Luther “Guitar Junior” Johnson’s band.


Don't Make Me Blue / Monkey Hips and Yice (Bounty no #, Kaybank 5-5042) March 1965