UZ (The 1914 Underground Zeppelin Manufacturing Company LTD)


North Olmsted, 1967-71

UZ (aka the 1914 Underground Zeppelin Manufacturing Co. Ltd) featured guitarist Fred Filamon, keyboardist Walter Barelka, drummer Bob Yeager, and bassist Al Seed. The band formed at North Olmsted Junior High in 1967 and played in and around North Olmsted until 1971. Another place where they were invited to play often was Bellevue, OH. Although they never recorded, UZ played several original tunes including “Fly me to Havana ‘68” and “Pencil Drawing” penned by Al Seed. One of UZ’s trademarks was to play sets of 3 songs from artists such as Jimi Hendrix non-stop.

No recordings were made.


Thanks to Al Seed