the Twilighters

Cleveland, 1964-7

The Twilighters began when Ray Miller recruited Steve Popovich from the Savoys, Dennis Samsa from the Wailers (the Frank Samson band), Randy Brown from the Sensations (the original one, not the later SenSationS), and new singer Tony Liotta from Mayfield Hts. They were an instant hit at Shibley's Sahara Lounge and later the Torchlight in Mentor.

The Twilighters recorded 4 45s, two on Bell and two on Imperial. The first Bell 45, "Be Faithful", was a big local hit and another excellent example of the Cleveland rock-n-roll sound, albeit it was recorded in Memphis. The Memphis recordings were augmented by session musicians - the applause heard on the flip side "Thumper" was taken from Nazi historical LP!

Prior to the Twlighters, Ray Miller had been in Joey and the Continentals and then Tom King and the Starfires.

After the Twilighters disbanded, Steve Popovich went into the business side of music and had great success. He is most notable for signing Meatloaf and releasing the gazillion selling "Bat Out Of Hell" LP. \

Thanks to Ray Miller.