the Toads

Columbus, 1964-66

"the GREEN group" as they were known locally, and deservedly, as they would paint their faces and hands green on most occasions. These Toads were hoppin' thanks to their triple guitar attack anchored by Chuck Wilson. They appeared a few times on Dance Party and recorded an EP of four songs at Magnetic. The 7" EP was released with a color postcard showing the Toads in full green! (pictured above)

The Toads were formed by Grandview High student Joel Brown, with Rick Stewart on guitar, Andy Brewster on drums, and Bruce Curtis on keyboards. Joel Brown heard about a hot guitarist, Chuck Wilson, who had played in a couple embryonic instrumental bands, and gave him a call. The Toads played a typical '64 set list, a combination of British Invasion hits and early rockers like Chuck Berry.

The Magnetic Recordings were done in early '65, with Rick and Joel singing lead vocals on "Johnny B Goode", "Just A Little", "Time is on My Side", and the sole Toads original, "Stay Away". A couple songs got airplay on WCOL.

Over the next few months, Rick Stewart and Bill McCaman (who had replaced Bruce Curtis) left and were replaced with two guitarists, Jim Cushman and Mike Howard, both of whom had been in the Invictas (with Dave Workman of the Dantes). This lineup recorded 4 songs at Hull (still at John Hull's house) that were used by the group for lip sync performances on "Dance Party". One of the Dance Party appearances had the band wearing masks (Frankenstein, Wolfman, etc) while 'playing'!

The Toads hopped apart in 1966 when several of the members graduated high school and went their seperate ways. Chuck Wilson joined the No Names (later the Soul). Jim Cushman went to Bowling Green and played in a couple bands. Mike Howard later joined the Apocalypse.