Rudy Thacker /Stringbusters

Cleveland, 1956-mid 60s

Rudy Thacker was one of the most well known member of Cleveland's 'urban country' musicians. Like many other hillbilly artists, he was born in rural Kentucky but moved to Cleveland for work and performing opportunities.

Rudy was certainly one of the best country/rockabilly guitarists in town. He had a band, the Stringbusters, that also included Sam Duckett. He recorded several 45s for Lucky, Blue Hen, and Whirl. Before moving to Cleveland, he had been a member of the WWVA World's Original Jamboree.

In 1960/1 Thacker and the Stringbusters hosted a weekly show at the Dennison Theatre. This show was Saturday night and included touring acts along with the Stringbusters. In 1962 Thacker started to incorporate more folk music into his act. He recorded his last known record in 1964. The last appearce we could find of him was at the Heidelberg in 1966, playing with Larry Huff, Eddie Gilmore, and Fred Blake. Not long after that, he gave up music and moved to Texas, where he passed away in 2005.

Black Train / (Lucky 0012)
Mountian Guitar / (Blue Hen)
Stringbuster / (Whirl)
Take This Hammer / (Maarc)