Pure Prairie League

Cincinnati, 1971-

Pure Prairie League are considered a pioneer of the 1970s era 'country rock' sound, exemplified by their 1975 hit "Amie" (recorded in 1972). The band was started by Craig Fuller after the J.D. Blackfoot band had split up. For a short time, JDB bass player Phil Stokes was in the band as well. The band was spotted by RCA records at gig in Cleveland and signed to the label. Stokes left shortly after to join Columbus' Westside LMF.

After several more personnel changes, the band recorded two LPs for RCA. Along with Fuller, the band included George Powell, John David Call on steel, Billy Hinds, and Mike Connor, the latter two had been in the East Orange Express. Their second LP, titled "Bustin' Out", was a bust until stations started playing some of the songs a year or two after the LP was released. Eventually, RCA released the Fuller song "Amie" (a song that had been in his repetoire dating back before J.D. Blackfoot) on a 45 and it became a big hit. However, Fuller had left the band shortly after the LP was released.

The band, which had been struggling along, regrouped by adding Larry Goshorn (formerly of the Sacred Mushroom) and Mike Reilly (reuniting with his East Orange Express bandmates Hinds and Connor). This lineup (eventually adding Larry's brother Tim) recorded four more LPs for RCA.

In 1978 the Goshorn brothers left and Vince Gill came on board as lead singer. This marked a style change to more of a polished sound, and a label change to Casablanca. The payoff came with another big hit "Let Me Love You Tonight". Since then the band has continued to work off and on, and released a new CD in 2005, marking the return of Craig Fuller and Mike Reilly. Mike Connor passed away in 2004 but had also contributed to the recording.

For more information, check out the band's website - www.pureprairieleague.com