the Poppy

Youngstowm, 1967-9

The Poppy took the Youngstown area by storm in the summer of '67 with their combination of the new 'psychedelic' sounds. The band was formed by veteran musicians Roger Lewis (guitar) and Dick Stronjy (keyboards) after they had been in the Executioners. Mark Deehr, who had played with Roger in the Jaggs, was the drummer and 18 year old Dan Pecchio on bass. Dan and Roger did the singing.

The Poppy played a combination of hits and 'underground songs, often incorporating extended arrangements and solos. All the members were very talented and the band seemed like they were really on their way. They packed Geneva-On-The-Lake's Psychedelic Lounge in the summer of 1968. Also that year the band did their only studio recordings at Cleveland Recording, which survive on acetate. The songs are "Eleanor Rigby", "White Rabbit", "Baby I Love You" (Aretha Franklin cover), "Another Day" (actually the Otis Redding song "Just One More Day").

With the band at the top of their game, disaster struck when a band vehicle was involved in a serious accident and Roger Lewis was sidelined with injuries. Dan Pecchio decided to join the Glass Harp and the Poppy was no more. After convalescing Lewis joined Freeport.