the Outlaws

Akron, '64-6

A four member group of Akron high school students, they had a Beach Boys/surfer look at least in dress, and probably in sound. The Outlaws shared the 1965 Carlton's Battle of the Bands title with the Chambermen. They recorded a couple 45s, the first one in '65 that included a cover of "Chains" and a great surf instrumental called "The Scavenger", released on their own custom Crusade label.  The second 45 includes strong, well played covers of James Brown's "Good Good Lovin'" and the Rolling Stones' "Gotta Get Away". The only known copy of this record to us has a blank label with the band name hand written as "Gary and the Outlaws". Both records were pressed at Pama.

The Outlaws' guitarist Gary Garcia joined the Rogues, and much later teamed up with former Rogue Jerry Bucker to record the Animal Jack record (listed under that name) and then "Pac Man Fever" in 1980.