the Night People

Parma, 1965-8

The Night People were one of Cleveland's edgier teen garage bands. Formed by some Parma High students, their ranks briefly included Alarm Clocks guitarist Bruce Boehm. In 1967 the recorded their lone 45 at SIR recording studios and got it released on Del-Nita. Del-Nita owner John Hicks convinced the band he had Motown connections and was hoping to get the group some attention as a white progressive rock act but nothing ever came of it. Around the time of the 45 the Night People recorded covers of "Signed D.C.", Them's "One Two Brown Eyes", and "Hey Joe". The 45 that resulted is an true garage band classic - the loud, snotty vocals, raunchy guitar, and a therimin solo make for a sound that was pretty unique to Cleveland groups. The Night People continued to play into 1970, when the changed their name to Parson's Wild West Show. They finally nabbed a recording deal with Capitol records and several songs were recorded, but plans for a 45 followed by an LP were shelved. Greg Paul became a graphic artist specializing in magazine and book designs, and has authored a couple books.

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