Main Line


Main Line was a subsidiary of RCA by a couple degrees of seperation. The primary business for Main Line was selling parts for RCA made appliances and light industrial equipment, similar to the MoPar operation for Chrysler/Plymouth brand auto parts. Main Line also operated a record distribution business (sorry, all the old stock is long gone) for RCA records - but like must record dstributors in the 1960s, they handled other labels. In 1967 they decided to get into the record business, for all of 6 releases.

1262 the Classels Tomorrow May Be Too Late / Love Is
1363 the Selective Service Shake / Green Onions c. 4/67
1364 Symon Grace and the Tuesday Blues You Won't Get Me Workin' / Out Of Sight
1365 Jerry Sharrell (B-side with the Mark III) It'll Never Happen Again / Think Twice, Be Nice 8/67
1366 the Dantes Connection / Satisfied
1367 Bob Collins and the Fabulous Five My One and Only Man / Inventory on Heartaches

Classels were from Canada. Symon Grace was from Erie, PA. Bob Collins was from North Carolina. Jerry Sharrell was from Pittsburgh.