Jason (Hall) / Jason and Friends

Marion, 1971-1978

In the early 1970s, Dan Hall, formerly of the Soul Survivors, was now known as Jason Hall. He put together a band called Jason and Friends with John Smith on drums. The personnel of this band was pretty fluid. In 1973 they recorded a 45 at Musicol and released under the name Jason. The 45 was intended to be a serious attempt to write and record original songs. Jason (and friends) continued to play some live shows in the Marion area.

Around 1977 Jason also released a 45 on the always interesting American Recording label from Cincinnati. Not sure of the personnel on this record. During the mid 1970s Jason was performing mostly as a solo act.

Jason Hall is deceased.

The Song Behind Me / And I Don't Even Know (Laughingane no #, Mus-I-Col 101629/30)
Filled with Nothing / (American Recording)