Green Lyte Sunday

Dayton, 1968-79

Green Lyte Sunday was one of Dayton's most popular and enduring bands. The band was formed from the demise of the Mark V, with members Mike Losekamp (back from his stint with the NYC band Cyrkle) on keyboards and lead vocals, Jim Wyatt on bass, and Jason Hollinger on guitar. Susan Darby was the featured lead singer, she had been with the Mark V and the Knights in the mid 60s. Rick Kalb played drums and "Fly" Barlow on wind instruments. This was the lineup in 1970, we're not sure about all the personnel before and after. The band recorded a 45 for King, and then an LP for RCA in 1970. RCA obviously invested some money in the band, with a gatefold cover and printed lyrics. The LP seemed to sell some copies as used ones turn up pretty regularly.

As the 70s rolled on Green Lyte Sunday started to emphasize more of the jazz influences that were latent on the LP. As far as we know, the band didn't release any more records, but was a fixture in the local music scene until the late 1970s. Other members were Denny Johnson on bass,  Tim Jennens on keyboards (joined in 1972), and Vincent DeSalvo (formerly of London Fog) on drums.

She's My Lover / Lenore (King 6178) 1969
Chelsea Morning / Emmie (RCA 74-0365)
Green Lyte Sunday - S/T (RCA LSP-4237) 1970