Frenz / Frenz Again

Cleveland, 1972-5

Frenz was started by Jerry Bruno after the Bruno-Whittington-Bruno band. The original band was Jerry on drums, Gary Lesher on bass, Randy Sabo (formerly of Silk) on keyboards and Kirk Yano, a 16-year old guitar whiz who lied about being 18 to get the gig. Frenz was a polished rock band who played the local club scene. 

Frenz released one 45 ("Come On In"/"Where's the Promised Land"), recorded at Agency Recording, and got it released on Buddah records through Walt Masky. "Come On In" got some local airplay.

In late 1972, the band was Jerry Bruno, Bob Bruno on bass, and Russ WIchert on guitar. By 1973, the band had Jack Hrusch on bass, John Boedekker on keyboards. and Steve Vatovek on guitar. Norm Isaac played bass later on.

The band was 'rebooted' in late 1974 as Frenz Again and adopted a lounge look and setlist. Gary Lesher rejoined on bass and Bob Bruno played guitar, with Jerry, the only continuous member, on the drums. The band lasted into 1975.

After Frenz, Kirk Yano got into the recording side of music (as well as continuing to play in bands such as the Baloney Heads) and later opened the long lived After Dark Recording studio. The Bruno Brothers returned with another band, Sketches.


Come On In / Where's the Promised Land - Buddah 333, November 1972