the Fifth Order

Columbus, 1964-8

This teen band started as the Electras and built a strong fan base with ace renditions of British Invasion and folk-rock hits. A regular gig on the Dance Party TV show connected them with OSU student and songwriter Jack Sender who provided the band with stellar folk-rock material. Sensing hit potential, the band's manager got them connected to Counterpart records. Their first recording, "Goin' Too Far", was a huge hit in central Ohio and was picked up by Diamond records. They recorded several songs for a followup, and the pick, "A Thousand Devils", also did well, but not quite as well as "Goin' Too Far". After a year or so of being a top level band, they decided they couldn't continue and broke up in late '67. In '68, Counterpart took two of the earlier recordings and issued a rarely seen 3rd 45. After the breakup, lead singer Billy Carroll returned to drums, his original instrument, and played in a band with former Dantes singer Barry Hayden. Billy played in several bands post Fifth Order. Many rumors have circulated about his career in the porn industry, but Bill himself has set us straight that it was nothing more than working an adminstative job for the Pussycat Theatre (adult movies) chain. Rhythm guitarist Jeff Fenholt also hit the bright lights, as the lead in the original Broadway production of Jesus Christ Superstar. In the 80's he allegedly auditioned for the singer in Black Sabbath, a strange sequence of events that came in handy when he became a televangelist. While claiming to have had the post-Ozzy post, the learned agree that it never happened.

Thanks to Bill Carroll