the Faux Pas (III)

Akron, 1966-70

Bobby Runnel started as an early rock-n-roller in his native eastern Arkansas, close enough to Memphis to rub shoulders with many of the rock-n-roll founding fathers. After relocating to Miami, he started the Faux Pas as a barnstorming trio that toured Illinois, Indiana, New York, eventually landing in Akron. Finding a receptive audience in northest Ohio's active nightclub circuit, he stayed to play, as the Faux Pas (also known as the Faux Pas III) changed members. Bobby Runnel was the lead guitar and singer in all the various incarnations. They recorded a original Runnel song, "True Love - Heartaches - False Love" three times, the first shot (on Buccaneer) was cut in Nashville, the second (on Suburban) at Cleveland Recording, and the third (on Faux Pas) at Akron Recording, a tuff pounding recording that is the best of the three. The Faux Pas also released another 45 (in '69) and two LPs that were typical of the 'souvenier' records sold by club acts. After the Faux Pas ended, Bobby moved to Nashville and had some success as a songwriter.