the Edicates

Columbus, 1965-70

The Edicates were based out of Columbus's south side. Formed in early '65 by a couple of high school students, they took their name from a misunderstanding of "Ettiquettes". They slowly shuffled personnel, kicking out lead guitartist Jim Fox and adding keyboard player Mike Finks, until they started to click. The Edicates really made the scene when they won a Battle of the Bands against 30 other of Columbus's 'second tier' bands. The prize was a recording session at Mus-I-Col, where they recorded two originals, "Worried Mind" and "She's Gone", both strong garage sides with strong harmonies, Tim Fleischer's fuzz and Mike Finks taking advantage of the studio's top of the line Hammond organ gear. To 'promote' the record, the band created a large mockup of the 45 label, with attached box of 45's, and displayed it at all their gigs! The Edicates also landed a regular slot on the Dance Party TV show. A video clip exists of them performing "Midnight Confessions" and "Sookie Sookie". This clip's survival was born of rejection - a tape was sent to the Merv Griffin TV show with intent of getting a shot, but the packaged was returned, unopened! After some additional changes, the band changed their name to Boxcar and lasted until 1972.