the Duprays

Washington Court House, 1964-6

Ray Joslin-Guitar
Bruce Daulton-Singer
Don Miller-Bass
Mike Burnette- Guitar
Dennis Minshall-Keys
Carl Mullen-Drums

This band of local 14 and 15 year olds hailed form Washington Court House. They played most of the local hot spots around Dayton and Columbus. During a gig at the Greenfield Armory they were approached by someone with connection to Prism records. With 'deal' in hand they traveled to Mega-City in Dayton to record their lone 45 You Make Me/The Frog (Froggy). Although they had written You Make Me prior to going into the studio, The Frog was mostly written on the spot in the studio. They had previously been playing a song they wrote called The Dog at their live gigs. If you listen close you can hear the lead singer mistakenly replace the word frog with Dog near the end of the song.

With the new 45 under their belts they got a chance to play their song You Make Me on the popular Columbus dj Jerry Razorís TV Show in October of '65. Their big break right?...Wrong! The live performance was preempted for a press briefing of then President LBJ's Gall Bladder surgery! Band members said their most embarrassing moment was when they appeared on the Bob Braun TV show in Cincinnati. Their then manager made them dress in Green Pants, Green Turtle necks and funny hats. They then preformed the song the Frog!