the Dawks

Dayton, 1964-6

The Dawks were fronted by Terry Lawson, with Jim Henson on lead guitar, Mike Clark on rhythm guitar, Louis Gore on drums, and Larry Henry on bass (later replaced by Steve Frederick).

The Dawks recorded a song, an original called "Good Thing", for the WONE Dayton Scene LP. The song got some positive feedback and Prism decided to release a 45 - so the Dawks recorded a version of "Poison Ivy" (both songs recorded at Mega-Sound) and the sides were released on Prism. For some reason this record has never been found by anyone that we've talked with (anyone have one they'd like to sell, please?).

Terry Lawson decided to leave the group and join the Valiants (the group known as Juletta's Valiants on the Dayton Scene LP) as they appeared to be working more clubs than the Dawks. The Dawks continued to work for some time afterwards.

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