the Dantes

Columbus, 1964-8

If you were a mid Ohio teen in the 60s, the Dantes were your house band. They were top draws at all the teen clubs and opened for many national touring acts. This Columbus combo started as a British styled garage band, picking up strong shots of the Byrds and Rolling Stones. A Dantes gig would include a whole set of all Stones, done as well as five Ohio boys could deliver. They recorded three 45s. The first, "Can't Get Enough of Your Love" was written by rhythm guitarist Lynn Wehr and exploded over the mid-Ohio airwaves in the spring of 1966. The B-side, the bluesy instrumental "80-96", was originally titled "8-69" but this suggestive title was changed by the record company. The Dantes scored again with their second release "Under My Thumb" to accentuate their Stones devotions. Lead guitarist Dave Workman left the band to pursue blues (harbingered on "80-96"), and has lead the Dave Workman Blues Band since (he now resides in San Francisco). The band released one more 45 in 1967 (a cover of the Stones "Connection") and continued until 1968.