Dale Wright / Dale Wright and the Wright Guys

Middletown / Cincinnati, 1958-late 1960s


Dale Wright was one of the first Ohio rockers to score a national hit, although minor, with “She’s Neat” on Fraternity. Dale started out in Middletown and performed and recorded with the Rock-Its, a local band that recorded on their own. Later on he formed his own band, the Wright Guys. According to the promo info, he was living in Cincinnati while attending college. Dale and the Wright Guys played and recorded into the mid 1960s, recording more 45s for Fraternity, and then for various local labels. The personnel for the Wright Guys changed a bit but Ray Hart on lead guitar seems to be a constant. Around 1967 Wright recorded a 45 with the Heywoods.

In his later years Wright became a radio personality, returning to the work he was doing before he started his recording career.



Walk With Me / I’m The Lovin’ Type (Fraternity 761)

She’s Neat / Say That You Care (Fraternity 792)

Can It Be / Dance With Me (Fraternity 804)

Please Don’t Do It / Goody Goody Good-bye (Fraternity 818)

You’re The Answer / I’m Beginning To Wonder (Fraternity 831)

It’s Time To Say Good-bye / Better Late Than Never (Fraternity 833) credited to Wright Guys

That’s Show Biz / That’s My Gal (Fraternity 837)