Courier / CEI

Courier records was owned by Robert "Bob" Brown in Fremont. The studio was located in a cinderblock building downtown. Brown's original interest was jazz, but quickly hopped on the teen rock action in the early 60s. In 1966, Brown was in the US Army, stationed in Aberdeen, Maryland. He was able to keep recording until his discharge in 1968, when he reopened the Fremont operation. All of the bands recorded in the Maryland period (numbers 124-132) were local to that area so there is no addtional coverage of them. Around the time of the move to Maryland, the label was changed from Courier to CEI (Courier-Empire International). Almost all of the early records used the Courier label but at least one found record used Empire. My conjecture is that Empire was intended for the non-rock acts. In 1969, two subsidiaries were started - Now! (later Right Now!) for psychedelic bands, and Country Empire for country artists. The last known CEI release is from 1974. Since the end of the CEI label, Brown has continued to be active in recording.

No # Sandusky St. Marys H.S. Band Saint Marys Echos side 1 / Saint Marys Echos side 2
101/2 the Erie Islanders Come All Ye Fair and Tender Ladies / Haul Away
103 The Santells Why Are We Apart? / There's a Time and a Place
104 unknown
105 unknown
106 unknown
107 unknown
108 unknown
109 unknown
110/1 Marvin Nash and the Chevells Happiness / Dina
112 unknown
113 unknown
114 the Fraternity Men Little Star / Lynnie
115 the Santells So Fine / These Are Love
116 the Blue Crystals Be-Bop-A-Lula / Hey Baby
117 unknown
118 the New Era Singers with the Willow Bend Trio I Will Love You / Tell Her For Me
119 Sandy Chapin A Breath Taking Guy / I Will Love You Oct '65
120 Carolyn Stein and the Gents So Long Dearie ; Some Of These Days / My Heat Has A Mind Of It's Own ; Lazy River SO-2883/4
121 unknown
122 unknown
123 unknown
124 Sodom and Gomorrah Flower Children / Twenty Miles RI-2511
125 the Sites and Sounds The Night Is So Dark / "T"
126 the Soulations Come On, That's Love, Baby / Will You Be Mine?
127 the Runabouts Way Of Life / All is All
128 the Talmydge-Overbey Singers And When I Die / For Bobby
129 the Souls Of Britton I'll Be On My Way / Make A New Light
130 Rob Selmer A Funny Thing Called Love / Since I Met You Baby (I've Been Singing The Blues)
131 the Hamilton Peach With the Girl that You Love / One Way Ticket Down
132 the Second Hand Bitter Sweet You're Gonna Be Mine Now / Please Don't Go Aug '68
133 unknown
134 the Majority Of Six I See the Light / Tears Like Rain
135 Sam and Greg Sunshine / Now
136 Sam Edwards with the Bob Clark Combo Don't Leave Me Now / I Can't Help It (Girl of my Best Friend) (PS) Oct '68
137 Don Harlan Lonely Soldier / Triste Soldaro
138 Teaspoon and Peanut Race You Don't Care / Sweets For My Sweet Dec '68
139 unknown? (see notes below)
140 Greg Cook, Don Miller, Chuck Murawa and Nelson Fredsell / Jim Musgrave and Don Miller Easy Street / A Place In The Sun Feb '70
141 unknown
142 the Sound System Rinky Dink / Sleepwalk Apr '69
143 Jim Musgrave and Don O.E. Miller The Wayward Wind / I'm Going Home R 24927/8
150 Jim Musgrave / Don Miller Get Togther / Somebody Bigger Than You and I R 27723/4
151 Dennis Martinez Wine / What Else Is New R 27725/6
826711Merrill Frische (with Neva Eisaman on the organ)The Children's Christmas Song / The Crazy BeatSept '71
826712 Merrill Frische The Wedding Band Polka / Honey I Miss You Tonight Sept '71
826713 Merrill Frische with the Ha Los It Is Glory For Me / You Need Jesus Sept '71
8150-01 Baron Thomas and the Blue Crystals We'll Be Thru For Ever / Tension Oct '66
No # the Inside Experience Tales of Brave Ulysses / Be On My Way Jan '69
No # Ike Perry and his Lyrics At the Party / Don't Let it Get You Down '64
(6386) the Dave Bevan Quartet Yellow Bird, Honky Tonk / Canadian Sunset, Around the World EP - c. '63
No # Brother Elray Johnson Ebb Tide / Rinky Dink Oct '71
(LP) No # Eric no title Nov '71
(LP) No # Bill Karl Four A Night With The Bill Karl Four (Recorded "Live" at the Shipwreck Lounge) 1972
No # Brother Elray Johnson Why Did You Take Her Away? / I'm Gonna Hold On Feb '74 (QCA 4025-14)
Now! 001 Fresh Air Flowers and Beads / Think It Over Girl March '69
Now! 002 the Night Watchmen Mimic Jester / I Need It March '69
Right Now!! 003 Magical Soul Rowkerr's Bakery / The 2000 Monkey Magician Nov '69
Right Now!! 004 Don and Mike You / Through A Child's Eyes Nov '69
Right Now!! 005 Don Garner Kandy / You Feb '70
Right Now!! no # the Morning After Today's Dreams / A Further Difference May '70
Right Now!! no # Sky Blue Pink Oats (My Future Depends On You) / Making Love Now May '70
Country Empire 001 Carl Stanton "The Singing Auctioneer" Auction Fever / Appalachian Mountains Mar '69
Country Empire 003 Ernie Nichols Let Me Make It Up To You / Forty Days
Gospel Empire 576 Meditations Rollin' In My Sweet Savior's Arms / Share The Land Q 6061-53 (June '76)

The Baron Thomas (8150-01) was not recorded by Bob Brown, done in Fremont while he was in Maryland - so not included in the catalog numbers. The Inside Experience I believe was supposed to be #139, but there's no number assigned. Ike Perry has the RCA pressing master numbers (828C-3614) but no catalog number.

#118, 119, 120 on the Empire label

Assembled by George Gell, Tom Fallon, Matt Baker, Jim Fletchner