Continentals / Experimental Blues Band

Cincinnati, 1962-7

The Continentals were a popular Cincinnati band in the pre-British Invasion scene. The band included Rick Coghill on guitar and Dennis Bayless on drums. Later, Steve Mendell joined as the bass player. In mid-late 1966 members of this band played some gigs as Tony and the Bandits, although the original T&B had split a few months before. In late 1966 or early 1967 the band recorded their first (and only) 45 at Ray Allen's studio in Louisville for a Counterpart records 45. They recorded under the name "Experimental Blues Band" and played a gig of a few using that name. The 45 is outstanding garage rock on both sides, the heaviest 45 on the label. Besides Coghill, Mendell, and Bayless, the other band member(s) are not known.

The band either reorganized or evolved into the Glass Wall sometime in 1968-9. For more info on the Glass Wall, check out that entry.

Opus #1 (Loneliness) / Fifty Miles Back (Counterpart 2601/2) 1967