Chuck Dockery

Toledo, late 1950s-1960s

Chuck Dockery was an early Toledo rocker. He recorded three 45s for the New Song label, and in the 1960s, recorded a couple records for the Dearborn label just up north in Michigan.

His first 45 "Baby Let's Dance" was recorded with the Highlighters and Fred Harris' Red Top Trio, which seems to have been the house label for  New Song records at the time. On the record the sonfg was listed as "Let's Dance" and a stamped correction of "Baby" added. 

Dockery also has his own band that included Tom Jagielski, Jeff Burch, Don Stabile, and Preston Jones. This group seems to have been with Chuck on his next two records, "Rock While We Ride" and a remake of  "Baby Let's Dance". All the records are solid rock-n-roll with sax.

In the 1960s Chuck performed regionally with the Four Buddies. This group released three 45s on Dearborn, a remake of "Rock While We Ride" which is surprisingly good, and a couple others that have a sound like a contemporary pop-rock with a bit of country influence.

Chuck continued to perform into the 2000s, with the groups Satan and the Angels and Country Justice. He passed away in 2013.

Baby Let's Dance / I Love Just You - New Song 117/8
Baby Let's Dance / I Love Just You - New Song 123/4
Rock While We Ride / Knock On My Door - New Song 129/30
Nashville, Tennessee / Pappy Once Said - Dearborn 522
Rock While We Ride / Let's Make Love Tonight - Dearborn 531
I'd Rather Fight Than Pay / Soldier's Last Letter - Dearborn 545