the Buckeye Politicians / Soul Partners / Vondors

Columbus, 1963 - present

The Buckeye Politicians earned the vote of 1000s of Columbus and national fans for their quality soul sounds. The group was started by three Almon family brothers as a gospel act. Eventually they added addtional members to be a complete vocal and instrumental band.

The group renamed themselves the Vondors and recorded their 1st 45 at Musicol for Bill Moss' Holiday records. The 45 features a vocal on one side and the instrumental track on the flip. With Moss' affiliation with Bell Records, they released their next two 45s on Bell, changing their name to the Soul Partners. "Spead" (sic) is one of the great local soul instrumentals and a big local hit.

In 1970 the band, still known as the Soul Partners, decided to change their name before an engagement in New York City, and became the Buckeye Politicians. Later that year, they issued their 1st 45 under the name on Scepter records. The group started to tour constantly and even recorded a 45 in England with legendary producer Alan Parsons. In 1976 the group issued a 45 and LP for an RCA records subsidiary, Utopia records. The group recorded a few more 45s in the 1980s.

After many years away from the studio, the Buckeye Politicians got back together and recorded a new full length CD in 2006, "Here I Am". Founding member, guitarist, and singer Larry "LA" Almon passed away in late 2008. For more information and pictures, visit their web site -

Look In The Mirror / Foot Lose (Holiday 125)
Lose The One You Love / Walk On Judge (Holiday 150 / Bell 758)
Spead / Boo Boo (Bell 792)
I Wish It Would Rain / Girl I Could Love You More (Scepter 12301)
Dreams / Sister Rose (UK EMI 2134)
Can't Wait To See You Again / Just A Little Love (Utopia 10747)
Look At Me Now (LP) (Utopia )