Luau / Boddie / Bounty / Plaid / Soul Kitchen


Tom Boddie created 5 house labels over the duration of his record operation. His first label was Plaid and the first record release was in 1958/9, by itinerant R&B musician Crown Prince Waterford. He issued a second record (45 and/or 78) by a gospel group, the Wonderland Gospel singers. We’ve not seen either record to confirm the information.

Boddie stayed away from the record business until March, 1965. During the 6 year period he moved to the familiar 12202 Union Ave address. He was active in recording, primarily remote recordings, and he had a steady business repairing electronic gear. In early 1965 he started two labels, Bounty, and Luau. The initial releases were all R&B/soul crossovers and the records pressed by Kay Bank. In early 1966 he started working with the Kelmar pressing plant in Cleveland’s east side. Kelmar was not a high volume operation, they were more of a small run plant, and provided Boddie a chance to learn the pressing business. Over the next couple years, he bought into the business, until in early 1968 he owned it outright. During the first 9 or so months of 1968 Boddie built a recording studio and pressing plant in an addition to his house. Kelmar then ceased operations during this time.

Meanwhile, Boddie was issuing soul and gospel records on Bounty and Luau. In April, 1967, he issued a press release about the start of the Soul Kitchen label. Luau was discontinued, and Bounty became a gospel only label. The Plaid label was resurrected (pun intended) for a few gospel 45s in 1970. The Bounty label continued into the 1980s, but the last Soul Kitchen 45 was released in 1973.

The numbering system used for these records is pretty simple. The first Bounty and Luau records were pressed at Kaybank. Starting with 5588, Boddie started numbering records using sequential catalog numbers. The number previous, 5587, had been assigned by Kaybank, so it’s just the luck of the draw that numbers started there. This 5xxx numbering continues into 1969. When Boddie started pressing records at his house, be began to assign each press with a number starting with the year. The first two numbers of the pressing number are the last two digits in the calendar year. This system was used for the Bounty and Soul Kitchen records, as well as custom pressings. Some of the custom pressings have the Boddie number and a separate label catalog number (a good example being some of the BOS records). A few of the custom presses have the number in the dead wax only. Most of the years, Boddie would restart the count with yy00 or yy01, for example the first record pressed in 1973 would be 7301. Between 1970 and 1971, the numbers were just rolled over. The last ID’ed pressing in 1970 is 7043, while the first one from 1971 is 7145, so the missing xx44 record would be the crossover point. This numbering system lasted until 1986/7 when Boddie stopped pressing records. Very few records (around 10 a year, it seems) were done from the early 1980s on.

The information included here is derived from the actual records and paperwork in the company files. Records that have an asterisk in the right hand column were documented from company paperwork. Those without an asterisk are documented from a copy of the record. The numbers 1000p, etc, refer to number of copies pressed based on the docs. The dates given are from the record orders and indicate when the order was picked up or completed, not necessarily when the record was pressed. Almost every pressing number tracks the dates in order but there’s a few exceptions.

We assume that every record in the sequence, which should have started at 6801, was pressed and included somewhere on the actual record but as with any operation like this there are going to be some anomalies. Currently we have only detailed records up to 1975. Some time in the future, the rest of the sequence will be filled in.

Plaid 1/2

Crown Prince Waterford

Sack Dress Boogie / Lovely Rendezvous

1958/9  RCA JO8W-3127/8  - there is no catalog number on the record, but paperwork shows this to be numbered 1/2

Plaid BR:3A / ?

Wonderland Gospel Singers

Come On Up To Glory

5-13-59 copyright for label, B side unknown, 78 only?

Bounty No # (5-5023)

J. C. Atkins and the Dukes

New Dance / Searching For Someone

March, 1965 (7 cartons sent to Midwest distributors on March 23)

Luau No # (5-5042)

Little Anthony Mitchell & the Modern Detergents

Don't Make Me Blue / Monkey Hips and Yice

March, 1965 - yes, "Yice" is the correct word, it's called out in the song!

Luau No # (5-5587)

A. C. Jones (Vocal) & the Atomic Aces

Oh Baby / Give Me Your Love

Luau 5-5588

A.C. Jones & Souletts

Hole In Your Soul Part 1 / Hole In Your Soul Part 2

1000p (at Kaybank), Aug ‘65

Bounty 5589

J. C. Akins & The Dukes

You Upset My Very Soul (Part 1) / You Upset My Very Soul (Part 2)

1000p (at Kelmar), 2-22-66

Luau 5590

Penny North

Satisfied / Thought I Had A Good Thing

1000p, 8-22-66 – receipts from Midwest distributors show that 185 copies were returned

Luau 5591

Dolores White

Why Don't He Understand / Lovers Paradise

300p, 8-66

Luau 5592

the Friendly Brothers

Jobe / Near The Cross

1000p with yellow labels, 400p with pink labels!

Luau 5593

Harvey Hall

Tell Me About It / Darlene

b-side credited to Harvey and the Phenomenals, 1000p (at Pama), 11-17-66

Luau 5593

the Headlines

He's Looking For A Love / Baby

10-13-65 date which we assume to be a mistake, should be 10-13-66

Bounty 5594 (LP)

The Transiteers


Gospel LP by singing bus drivers! 1-5-67

Bounty 5594

South Shore Four

Mr. Tambourine Man /

A letter exists, dated Aug ’67, granting permission to record this song by Bob Dylan’s representatives. The SS4 were a teen folk group

Bounty 5594Gospel HebrewsSee About Me / Jesus Is All Over Meyes, three uses of the same number. This record has "Spec. Ser."  on the label - presumably Special Service for some extra custom job

Bounty 5595

The Mitchellairs Gospel Singers

Trust In Jesus / Happy With Jesus Alone

R-20689/90, 1000p, 11-7-67

Bounty 5596

the Gospel Mountaineers

I'm Using My Bible For A Road Map / Little Community Church

Bounty 5596The Huffman TrioIn Heaven We'll Never Grow Old / Jesus Is Passing Along Ths WayR-20865/6, label says "Spec." below the record number, possibly meaning some 'special' release. Label also reads "Sweet Voices From The Hills - Country Pickin and Singin"

Bounty 5598

The Bright Clouds

It Was God (That Made The Trees) / He’s Coming Back

Bounty 5606 (LP)

Willing Four

(L.G.S.) 5609E.B. Glover and the Glover SpecialsBack To The Old Landmark / Mother's Warning
Bounty 5610the Master KeysSomething Got A Hold On Me / I Want To Thank You

Bounty 5611

Effort For Christ Singers

Old Brush Arbors ; Over On The Other Side / It’s Been A Long Time ; Will The Circle Be Unbroken

Country style – Harlin Kazy, Eddie Murdoch (of the Murdoch Brothers), Delbert Massey

Bounty no #Frankie And JudyIt's Me Again Lord / Little Spot In HeavenHarlin Kazy, Murdoch Bros - a Columbia custom pressing, the only known Boddie 45 pressed there, no Boddie catalog number anywhere.

Soul Kitchen 0010

Jackie Russell

Don’t Trade Love For Money / If You Don’t Want Me Let Me Be

500 labels ordered 9-7-67, 500p 9-16-67 - aka Richard Russell and Rick Russell. Jackie was a  nickname, the copyright is filed as Richard "Jackie" Russell

Soul Kitchen 0011

Frankie Pighee and the Soulettes

Soul Feeling / If You Don’t Think (That I Love You)


Soul Kitchen 0012

Master Keys

Use Me Lord / Walking Right

Soul Kitchen 0013

Wonders Of Faith Gospel Singers

Travelling On / Stop By

300p of red label, ordered 6-11-68, notes also say 500p shipped 5-29-68*

Soul Kitchen 0013


World Of Soul / Why Won’t You Say (What You Want)

Soul Kitchen 0014


Big Daddy Don / Judy

Soul Kitchen 0015

Ricky Hodges with the Funky People

Don’t Destroy Our Love Part 1 / Don’t Destroy Our Love Part 2

(L. G. S.) 6801 The L & N Gospel Singers Canaan Land / Pray On Child R-21279/80, "Formerly of Montgomery, Ala." on label

(Quality) 6804

Price Martin

Hey Hey Hey / I Only Want You

Plates from SJ Shaw received 5-20-68, artist not credited on label, some copies have Price Martin stamped on them

(Day Wood) 6901

Imperial Wonders

Just A Dream / Zip-A-Doe-Do-Dah

(Everite) 6910

Ed Laignell / the Updates

Tell Me / Tell Me

A-side (vocal) credits Ed, B-side (instrumental track) the Updates.

(Everite) 6912Ed Laignell / the UpdatesMy Woman / My WomanA-side (vocal) credits Ed, B-side (instrumental track) the Updates
Bounty 6912Happy Valley QuartetStanding Room Only / Springtime In HeavenD. Ray White (bass) Frye Lucas (lead and tenor) Jimmy Miller (lead and tenor) Rev. Noah Burgess (low tenor)

(J&W) 7002

Golden Harmonizers of Cleveland

I’ve Got To Wait On The Lord / The Blood

400p (1000 labels), 1-8-70*

(Plaid) 7003

the Cleveland Golden Echoes

Pray Again / Working on a Throughway

1000p, 2-2-70

Bounty 7004

the Ballard Brothers

I Can't See Mine / Mean Old World

A side shows number as "004" - a mistake, as the deadwax has 7004

(Plaid) 7005

The Silver Kings Quartet

Walk This Narrow Way / Nobody But The Lord

(Advocate) 7006


Diddydoit / Lotus Blossom


(Calico) 7007

Alice Blue

Mr. Devil / Baby Good-Bye



The Updates


(Gypsy) 7013

Alice Blue

Don't Have To Prove / Baby Good-Bye

B side is same master as #7007, marked as 7007 in dead wax

Soul Kitchen 7014

Addie Pearl Rice

Flowers Are Blooming / Sara Culture

Soul Kitchen 7015

Angela Alexander and John Saddler

Don’t Make Me Kill You / Spoilin’ For A Fight

500p, 5-27-70*

(Day Wood) 7016

The 7 Nombres

Listen People / Full Of Love


(Perla) 7017Gilbert and SextetAmalia, Amalia / ChanchulleroLatin soul, label states "Product of United Arts Corp" - the files list this as Gilbert N Sextet and Midwest label

Bounty 7018

Effort For Christ

Just A Few More Days ; Magic Valley / Lonely Tombs ; If You Want To Wear A Crown

1000p, 5-29-70*

(Rubbertown) 7019(?)


Summertime / You Send Me

5000p, the number reads 1719 which could be a mistake for 7019

Bounty 7021

Master Keys

So Hard To Find A True Friend / Since I’ve Been Changed

500p, 6-23-70

? 7022?



300p, 6-26-70, 3 Star Enterprises, 691 N. Main St (believed to be Akron)

(Sealey) 7023

Southern Four Singers

Go Tell It On The Mountain / Yes I Want To Go To Heaven

1000p, 9-2-70* (Cavern records?), files show artist as Kennia May Howell, probably the label name owner

(Sealey) 7024Kennia May HowellI Wouldn't Take Nothing (For My Journey Now) / My Heart Can See

Bounty 7025 (LP)

Magnificent Soul Touchers

Magnificent Soul Touchers Sing

500p, 7-21-70

Plaid 7026

Silver Keys

Since The Grace Of God / Working In The Building

1000p, blue lbl, 8-15-70*

Bounty 7027

Seven Revelators

I Feel The Love Of Jesus / If It Wasn’t For The Lord

300p, 8-70*

(J&W) 7028

Reverend W. Morganfield / Brother David Watt

It’s Alright Pt. 1 / It’s Alright Pt. 2

8-4-70 (not sure who is credited on the record), Reordered 200, 6-26-72*

(Alcon?) 7029

Guys and Dolls of Newburg High / George Weilemann

Airport Song / River Run

8-21-70 (not sure who is credited on the record), possibly another LP release by this artist(s)*

Bounty 7030

Ruffin Singers

It Pays To Serve The Lord / Let Me Lean On You

300p, 8-25-70*

Plaid 7032

Sensational Stars Of Harmony

Stay On The Road / When Jesus Comes

500p, blue lbl, 9-11-70*

Bounty 7033

Mary Alice Jones

Dark Cloud Rising / Walk Around Heaven

label number in deadwax only

Cavern ? (LP)

Southern Four, Elgee Tabernacle Church


1000p, 10-1-70*

Double R 7037

Richard Russell

Nobody Can Stop Me / I Loved And I Lost

300p yellow label, 500p 10-18-70* - Georgia address

Bounty 7039

Golden Harmonettes

No Need To Worry / End Of My Journey

500p, 11-22-70*

Bounty 7040

Heavenly Wonders

Beat The Devil Running / Somebody’s Gone

300p, red lbl, 11-15-70*

Plaid 7043Silver Kings QuintetI'll Fly Away / The Little Wooden Church


Jesse and the Mel-O-Tones

I Love You Too Much / You Best Give It Up

According to papers, 5000 copies of this were pressed dated 1-11-71, but to our knowledge, this record only exists on the Top Hit label and pressed by Rite. Group from Akron.

Bounty 7145

Gospel Crusaders

Take Your Shoes Off, Moses, (You're On Holy Ground) ; Peace And Freedom / Build My Mansion ; Touch Of God's Hand

1000p, 1-16-71

Bounty 7146

Charles and Arline Durham

Jesus / I'll Make it Home Someday

500p, 2-13-71

(Soul Kitchen) 7147

Ricky Hodges

I Feel It (The Love You Have For Me) (Part 1) / I Feel It (The Love You Have For Me) (Part 2)

200p, 4-3-71 – first appearance of the Stove logo. Ricky remakes his 1967 Clevetown recording to amazing effect - recorded at Audio (as were all his records)

(Way Out) 7149

Exceptional Three featuring Ruby Carter

What About Me? / Unlucky Girl

2000 re(?)ordered 3-28-71, 4000 reordered 4-14-71

(BOS) 7150

The Sensational Saints

My Brother / Walk Through The Valley

1000p, 2-18-71

(BOS) 7151

The Capitailaires

I Will Never Turn My Back On The Lord / One Of These Mornings

1000p, 2-18-71

(BOS) 7152

The Trumpelettes

I Had A Dream / You Don’t Know My Troubles


Bounty 7153

Gospel Starlites

Come Up To Glory / Long Long Way

500p, 3-2-71

(Soul Kitchen) 7154

The Inter Circle

The Pusher / The Players

500p, 3-4-71 Stove logo

Bounty 7155 (LP)

Gospel Travellers

No info, label may be Gospel Singtime records


Bounty 7158

Hamrick Harmon Airs

Cry From The Cross / Just As The Sun Went Down

Notes mention Norma Jean1000p, 3-21-71, group from Mogadore (near Akron)

(Beth) 7160


Loving You / Cold Wine (Part 1)


(Justine) 7161

Annette Smith and the True Gospel Singers

Saints Go Marching In / Blessed Quietness

(Peace) 7162

Love Generation

Love's Stronger than Hate / Evil Woman

2000p, 5-3-71

(Peace) 7163Wayne Spence and Smiling FacesThank God For PeaceThis exists backed with a different recording of the song "Love's Stronger Than Hate". The only copies of this record that we've seen were pressed at QCA in April 1973. The LStH side does not have the Boddie numbers or master mark in the dead wax. Love Generation and Wayne Spence, etc are the same artist.

(Globe) 7164

Bert Green

It’s All Your Fault / They Are Talking

Label # 102

Bounty 7166

(Little) Evelyn Talbert and Missionairs

Heaven Is Calling Me / Just A Closer Walk With Thee


(Pacific) 7167

Golden Bros

I Believe / Little David

Label # 11717, BOS distribution – B side is semi funky guitar instrumental

(Day Wood) 7168

Imperial Wonders

That’s Alright / Zip-A-Doe-Do

Two different label designs, one has the Day Wood logo in larger type face. "Zip-A-Doe-Do" is the same vrecording as Day Wood 6901

(Way Out) 7169

Bobby Wade

I'm In Love With You / Down Here On The Ground

A side lists # as 7165, dead wax has 7169, 1000p, 6-26-71

(W. Hall) 7170W. Hall and His Ever Ready Gospel SingersDon't Let the Devil Fool You / One Of These MorningsBOS distrubted (BOS 006) from Detroit

Bounty 7171

Celestial Coets

Last Move / Never Grow Old

500p, blue lbl, 6-19-71*

(Standing) 7172Janet ProfittMy Jesus Has Broad Shoulders / It Won't Be Long3553 E. 103rd, Cleveland

(Co Co Cleveland) (LP)

Hot Chocolate


1300p, 6-25-71 – no number on the LP or documented in the records, may not have been assigned, pending proof that the other numbers exist

(Ebb'e) 7173Dottye RammFeeling Good / Yesterday1720 Lee Rd, Cleveland address
(Globe) 7174Bruce Walker And His Big BandFalcons Away ; Dot Dash ; Mercy Mercy Mercy / Got Me Hangin' ; A String Of PearlsLabel # 104 - As it looks, it's 'big band' sound

Bounty 7175

Mountain State Gospel Trio

Come Near Ever / In That Land


Bounty 7176

Singing Privett Family

I'll Have A New Life / Sheltered In The Arms Of God

7-13-71 (group from Akron, OH)

(Globe) 7177

Johnny Delmond

Days Are Grey / The Touch Of Your Hand

Label # 101 – not soul, more like a pop singer going for a ‘lounge rock’ sound. Either this or the Bert Green record had involvement from Lloyd Hugo, a former member of the All-Nighters band who relocated to the Lorain area. A date of 6-22-71 for this or the BG record

(La’Trice) 7180


Funky Music (Messin’ Up My Mind) Pt. 1 / Funky Music (Messin’ Up My Mind) Pt. 2

1000p, 7-24-71* - despite the titles this is more primitive instrumental psychedelic rock than pure funk, sounds like they were fans/contemporaries of Purple Image

(F) 7181 (LP)


Title unknown

Reorder 300, 4-12-72 (group from Columbus, OH)

(Sealey) 7182Southern FourGuitar Picker / I'm A Believer

? (LP)

Southland Gospel Blessings Boys


5000p, 8-1-71, cover is “stock jacket #57”

Bounty 7185The Bunn SpecialsReach Out, Look Up / Oh Lord Send Me
(FMC) 7186Bobby FarrellSanta's Big Red Car / Heartache Wrapped In BlueFMC = Farrell Merritt Corporation - country style music

(Gold Plate) 7187

The Harmonics

Let Me Go / People Get Ready

100p white promo, 900p gold stock, 10-17-71, record repressed by Capitol – the info on the labels is from company records but the only one known to the editors is a gold label one sided copy with “Let Me Go”

(Soul Kitchen) 7188

the King James Version, King Solomon and Moses

He's Forever (Amen) / He's Coming

Stove logo

(Caribi) 7189

Soul Creole

Jungle Walk / Man From the Jungle

8-31-71, Earnest Bolden and R. Lee – more Calypso than Soul sounding

(Prism) ?

Animal Jack

Gotta Hear The Beat Pt. 1 / Gotta Hear The Beat Pt. 2

1000p, 11-9-71, See the entry under Bands/Performers for the story on this. Gary Garcia’s name is on the invoice. The number on the record seems to be a master for Audio Recording.

7192Young DisciplesEP, titles unknown12-71, recorded at Cleveland Recording (master CRC-2168)* No copies found to verify what this  is

(Co Co 101/2) 7193

Hot Chocolate

Good For the Gander / We Had True Love

3000p (white label), 11-26-71 ; 1000p (yellow label), 1-31-72

(Dee’ Os) 7194

World War III

If The Bomb Falls (We’re All Going Together) Pt. 1 / If The Bomb Falls(We’re All Going Together) Pt. 2

1000p, 11-15-71, reordered 3000, 1-4-72, group name Donations was crossed out and replaced with World War III before pressing

(Justine) 7195

Harpetts Of Cleveland

Packing Up Pt. 1 / Packing Up Pt. 2

500p, gold lbl, 11-27-71

(Saru) 7196

Sir Stanley

(Praise) 7197Grace Temple ChoirPut Your Hand In The Hand / You Must Believe Me#101 on label - label from Ft. Wayne, IN
(HAS) 7198Howard A SmithClear Out Of This World / May I Come In

(Da Wood) 7200

Harvey and the Phenonemals

What Can I Do To Prove My Love Is Real / Soul & Sunshine

Bounty 7203Rev. H. Brown, B.A.M.A Charge To Keep I Have / Dwelling In SafetyJeremiah Baptist Church, Cleveland

(Beth) 7204

the Nombres

Todos / Trivialities

1000p, 1-22-72 (5000 labels ordered), reordered 4-10-72 – copies exist with maroon and blue labels, it’s not known which is first

Bounty 7205

Sarah Battles

His Eye Is On The Sparrow / Holding My Saviors Hand

1000p, 2-5-72*

Bounty 7206East High School SpiritualairesGive Me A Clean Heart / Behold!Unusal label, does not use the standard Bounty graphic

Bounty 7207

the Stars Of Faith

I'm Looking For A Home / 99 1/2 It Won't Do

500p, 2-22-72

Bounty 7209

Silver Kings

Trouble The Water / Meeting Tonight

1000p, 3-4-72

Soul Kitchen 7211

Creations Unlimited

Corruption Is The Thing / Chrystal Illusion

1000p, 3-4-72, Stove logo

(J.A.S.L) 7212

Jean Austin Singers

Somewhere In Glory / Put Your Hand In The Hand

Bounty 7213

Golden Harmonettes of Cleveland

Sing A New Song / Cool Water Flows

(SAS) 7214

Reverend C.D. Grant

And They Hated Him / I Have Prayed For Thee

200p, 4-21-72*

(LGS) 7215

Bennie Washington

Elijah Rock / Hold On

500p, 5-5-72* Bernice is the name listed in  files

(Gary-Dew) 7216

Dewey Jeffries

Ole London / When No One Cared

1000p, 5-13-72

Bounty 7217

Spiva Singers

He’s Never Lost A Case / When We See My Savior’s Face

200p, 5-25-72

Bounty 7218

Brother Bill

Wha's Happnin' / All He Wants Is You

Bounty? 7219?

Montgomery Gospelaires

One Morning Soon / Running For Jesus


Bounty? 7220?

Southland Gospel Boys

500p, 6-4-72

Bounty 7221Nellie DinkinsAll The Way / Search Me Lord
Bounty 7222All God's ChildrenSinner Man / When We All Get To Heaven

(Soul Mine) 7223

The Gaylords

Magnificent (Pt. 1) / Magnificent (Pt. 2)

Bounty 7224

Faithful Aires

Reach Out / I Know I’ve Been Saved

500p, green lbl, 7-21-72, from Erie, PA*

(2nd Metropolitan) 72252nd Metropolitan Male ChorusJesus Rose With All The Power / That's Alright

Bounty 7226

the Gospel Majestics

Never Grow Old / Save Me

300p, 8-4-72*

Bounty 7227

Friendship Gospel Singers

He’s Always Giving / I Surrender All

1000p, green lbl, 8-9-72

Bounty 7228Mighty RevelationsNever To Late / Kings Highway

Bounty 7229

Exciting Spiritual Voices

Lord I Want To Be A Christian / You Got To Move

500p, 9-23-72

(L&S) 7229Spiritual BelieversThrough Out Your Life Line / Let The Sunshine InL-1000 number in label
(Kar-Vel) 7232 Jan Kennedy Why Am I Here? / She Is There Commercial rock sound with 'serious' lyrics, recorded at Agency. Nick Boldi involvement

Bounty 7235

Golden Harmonizers

Let Your Power Fall On Me /  Someone Talking About Me

10-3-72,  Papers show title as Always Someone Talking About Me

Bounty 7236

Vocal Masters

These Hands Of Mine / Homeward Bound

1000p, 10-15-72, special sleeve*

Bounty 7237

Reverend F. Lattimore and the Mighty Servants

Face The Facts / Are You In The Mood

300p, 10-20-72*

Bounty 7238?

Reverend F. Lattimore and the Mighty Servants

I’ve Been Blessed Pt. 1 / I’ve Been Blessed Pt. 2

Papers show these songs with 7237. Possibly 7238?*

Bounty 7240

Frankie Davis

Jesus Will Fix It For You / Everything I Got Belongs To God

1000p, orange lbl, 10-30-72, reorder Jan ‘73*

Bounty 7241

Tommy Malone / Prince House Of God Choir

Sweet Home / All The Way From Heaven Home

500p, orange lbl, 10-30-72. Different  artists credited as shown

Bounty 7242 (LP)

Bill Bunch Gospel Travelers

Title unknown


(unknown) 7245 (LP)

Reverend V. J. Weatherbee

Title unknown, plain white cover


Bounty 7246

The Holy Hawaiians

When the Storm Comes to Your City / Mother You Aught ‘Ave Been There

300p, 12-28-72, from Romulus, MI, Rev. G. Tucker was the recipient

(Big Mack) 7302

Mae Young

Let’s Give Our Love A Try / The Man Put Sugar In My Soul

500p, 1-4-73  Detroit label with several other releases that are not Boddie connected

(Dee’ Os) 7303

The Donations

I’m Going To Treat You Good (vocal) / I’m Going To Treat You Good (instrumental)

Bounty 7304

Rev. Jesse Gaines and the Guiding Lights

Lord You’ve Been Good To Me / Lost In Sin

300p, from Flint, MI*,

Bounty 7306

Sarah Battles

Amazing Grace / Precious Lord


Bounty 7307

Sarah Battles

I Know The Lord Will Make A Way / I Come To Glorify His Name


(LP) (Black & White no #) 7308

Morris Brothers Rapid Transit

Sticks It In Your Ear

LP label credits the Rapid Transit, 1-28-73

Bounty 7309

The Victory Angels

I See A Bridge / Cross Over Jordan ; The Window Of Heaven

(H&B) 7310

Hopkins – Bradley

LP (no title)

Plain cover

Bounty 7311

Church Of God and True Holiness

I Finally Made It / I’ll Follow Thee

500p, green lbl, 2-3-73

Bounty 7313

Ohio Silvertones

He Laid His Hand On Me / Working In The Building

(Plum) 7315Sammy CarrA Cheap Love Affair / How Can I Kill A Love (That's Killing Me)Sam Carcicopollo, county-pop

Bounty 7316

Emma James Singers

I’m Sealed (To The Day Of My Redemption) / Jesus Is A Friend Of Mine

2-23-73, group from Montgomery, AL*

Bounty 7329Tommy Wood, Drene IvyJust A Closer Walk With Thee / I Surrender AllTommy credited on organ, Drene on piano

Bounty 7330

St. Paul A.M.E. Zion Church Chancel Choir

No One Has A Monopoly On God / Never Alone

Edward Hill soloist A-side, Margaret Rodgers soloist B-side. Choir with organ, no band or pop influences

Bounty 7335Sister Elnora QueenerThrough The Years / I Find Joy In God's Company

(St. Theresa) 7340

Rev. Frank Vaughn

Getting Nearer and Nearer / You Don't Know

(Lorain Sound) 7341

the Nombres

Cold Wine / Just Call Me


Bounty 7343

Jerry Warren and the Warren Singers

To The Kingdom / The Lord Giveth

200p, orange lbl, 6-16-73, from Flint, MI*

Bounty 7345Inner-City Gospel Party - Rev. Edward O'NeilSummertime / Everybody Say Amen

Bounty 7346


City Of Gold / Something Beautiful

500p, blue lbl, 7-11-73, from Akron, OH*

Soul Kitchen 7348

Eddie and the Anthill Mob

I’m A Number Runner Pt. 1 / I’m A Number Runner Pt. 2

7-26-73, 1000p*

(RS) 7349

Mighty Righteous Souls

When I Got Saved / Jesus Got His Eyes On You

1000p, lt blue lbl, 7-28-73

Bounty 7350 Sis. Mattie Chandler / Tommie Malone - Prince
House of God Choir
Walk In The Beautiful Light / Don't Do That Chandler on A side, Malone on B side. No number on the label, only in the dead wax

Bounty 7351

the Exciting Spiritual Voices

Witness / Hard To Get Along

Bounty 7353

Swanee Nightengales of Cleveland

I’ve Been Born Again / God Has Done

500p, orange lbl, 8-13-73*

Bounty 7355

The Randale-Aires

He Lives Today / Satisfied

1000p, 9-5-73*

(Andor) 7356the TenorsTenor's Prayer / Can't Live Without Him
(Karamu) 7357Debra ByrdThat Perfect Day / I Asked Myself
Bounty 7359Victory AngelsI See A Bridge / Cross Over Jordon ; The Window Of Heaven

(Soul Mine) 7360

Bill Brooks

Beautiful Brown / Road Trouble

Bounty 7361Maynard Family Gospel SingersWhy Me? / The Lights Of Home

Bounty 7362

Wings Of Faith Juniors of Grand Rapids, Michigan

Send It On Down / I Can’t Thank Him Enough


Bounty 7363

Emma James

Do You Know The Man? / God Is Real

Bounty 7380 The Mount Sinai Chorus Someday I'm Going To See My Jesus (LP) Tittle on cover, record label has no title, label says "973 Fall Musical Service"

Bounty 7381

Famous Soul Revivals

Oh Lord, I Got Something / I Came To Praise His Name

1000p, 12-6-73*

Bounty 7382Walter HumphreyMove On Up A Little Higher /  Beams Of Heaven
(La Silenciosa) 7401Orquesta La SilenciosaMe Gusta Mi Guaguanco / Te Van A Mangar
Bounty 7402Betty WeemsSalvation Is free / Lord, I'll Do

Bounty 7403

Beth-El Young Adult Choir

Beams Of Heaven / The Lord Is My Shepherd

Bounty 7404

Ohio Silvertones

Come And Go To That Land / Holding On To My Faith

Bounty 7405

Spiritual Believers

Free From Sin / Sweet To Know

Bounty 7406

The Victory Five of Detroit, Michigan

Have You Been To The Pool? / Prayer Is The Key

Bounty 7411/2

Cleveland Golden Echos

For 30 Pieces Of Silver / I Used To Live On Broadway

Bounty 7414

North Wind Of Cleveland

If I’ve Done Any Wrong / God Is Real

Bounty 7416

Haymon Singers

Up Above My Head / I Love The Lord

Bounty 7417Beams Of HeavenGolden Bells / My Goal

Bounty 7418

Union Star Gospel Singers

He’s My Rock / Be Not Dismayed

(WAPA Productions) 7419Jerry Thomas and the Gospel ExperienceSearchin' (LP)

(E & J) 7419

Dewey Jeffries

Live Each Day / How Do You Change The Old Foundation?

100p, 7-6-74

(Jer - Erl) 7422Rev. Earl Preston Jr.I Believe In God / I Must Tell Jesus

Bounty 7430

Mighty Revelations

By And By / Theres a Man Upstairs

(no label) 7431

The Kinks

This Strange Effect  (one sided)

This is really the Kinks, it was intended as a 10th anniversary commemorative, and sold as a package with a book. According to the person behind it, a Cleveland resident, Ray Davies gave his approval and it’s ‘legal’. 100p

Bounty 7433


Lay My Burden Down / Two Wings

(Cookin) 7435

"Bo" and the Metros

Buttered Out / Moving On

Invoice credits Bo and the Soul Metros (the correct moniker), 300p, 6-27-74, Stove logo variation

(Verdam) 7436


There's Got To Be Some Changes / Don't Stop Smiling

7444 on label and invoice, 500p, paid 1-7-75

Bounty 7441

Dynamic Gospel Keys of Fort Wayne, Indiana

That’s Alright / On the Right Road

Bounty 7501Randall StephensThe Music I Love Is Gospel (LP)

(Tom King) 7507

J.C. Messina

Nice And Easy / Time Won’t Let Me

Bounty 7508Royal KingsLook Out For Jesus / I Thank You Lord
Bounty 7510Alexander Hamilton Jr. High SchoolLP - Memories We Will Always Cherishschool choirs, recorded live
(Big Mack) 7513Ms Tyree (Sugar) JonesIf You Feel It / If You Feel It (inst)Detroit label
Bounty 7514Gospel FabulatorsRead It In The Bible / I Believe I'll Go Back Home
Bounty 7515Friendly SevenStay On The Road! (LP)
Bounty 7516Emma JamesLean and Depend On Jesus / Jesus Is A Way Maker
Bounty 7518Guiding LightsWhat Kind Of Man Is This? / I Am A Child Of God
Bounty 7519Bethesda Gospel ChoirLPCover suggests title is "I'm So Grateful" but record label has no title listed
(Jer-Erl) 7522Cleveland Mass ChoirI Believe God (LP)Recorded live August 4, 1975. Jer-Erl prodiuctions, 17203 Telford Ave, Cleveland. Jerry Thomas and Earl Preston Jr.
(Jer-Erl) 7523Fred RobinsonI Need Jesus On My Journey / Somebody Bigger Than You Or I

(Jer-Erl) 7524

Gaynor Hill

All He Wants Is You / I Cried All Night Long

Bounty 7526The Clinton Logan Singersno title (LP)Includes sermon by Rev. Enoriss Johnson and choir 
Bounty 7527Clementine JonesIf It Wasn't For The Lord / Thank God For Godlabel reads "From the Karamu Production 'Hamlet Jones'"
Bounty 7529Julia CooperGolden Rule / Holy Father and Son

Bounty 7531

George Neal Jr.

Beams Of Heaven / He Touched Me



Flame Over Africa

10-14-75, group from Pittsburgh, with Todd Clark

(LP) Bounty 7535Spiritual BelieversPeople In The World Are Straying Away From GodTitle on front cover, no title on the LP label
Bounty 7537Gospel Choir of the Faith Tabernacle Church Of GodLP (no title)Not sure if there was a printed cover. From Painesville, OH (mispelled as Painsville)
Bounty 7538 Reese Spirituals It's A Lifetime Job / Things I Used To Do
Bounty 7539Pure In Heart TravelersJohn The Revelator / Friend Of Minecopyright 1976 on label, probably crosses the years


Charles Blackman

Bounty 7606

the Victory Five of Detroit Michigan

Don't Leave Me / High Mountains

(Peltro) 7608/9

Dewey Jeffries

You Brought About A Change / Why Do You Do What You Do

Bounty 7611/2TarMy Country / Walk Around Heaven
Bounty 7616Cleveland Golden Echos30 Pieces of Silver (LP)Cover reads title as 30 Pieces Of Silver, LP label reads 1976 Anniversary Album

(Renaissance 76) 7621

The Other Brothers

Precious Memories Pt. I / Precious Memories Pt. II

Group from Michigan

Bounty 7624Ethel BaldwinWhen The Gates Swing Open / Move Up A Little Higher

Bounty 7630

Master Keys

Jesus Is Coming / Come By Here

(Alfa) 7702

Roosevelt Blackman

I Want To Be The One / Sad Man’s Blues

Bounty 7706Swanee NightingalesI Need Your Mercy / Peace In The Valley
Bounty 7707Sons Of JoyFight Your Battles / Jesus Will Providefrom Canton, OH
(Caribi) 7714Me and My Friend, OswaldHey Mun, You Takin' My Woman, Mun / You Can Sing It This Time...MunLynn Tolliver Jr and Oswald Robinson
(Gospel Ensemble) 7716Gospel EnsembleWhat You Need / The Book Of LifePeoples Deliverance Church, Cleveland

Bounty 7717

Sounds Of Soul

Gospel Train / What He Done For Me

Bounty 7720Golden HarmonizersWon't Be Back No More / Feel The Spirit

Bounty 7721

Golden Harmonizers

I Come To Serve The Lord / Lord, Thank You

Bounty 7724Supreme Angels of Cleveland, OHOh Lord You Have Been Good /  Time Waits
Bounty 7725Georgia JacksonPrecious Lord / His Eye Is On The Sparrow
Bounty 7726Swanee NightengalesI Know The Lord Will Make A Way / You Don't Know Like I Know
(Caribe) 7729Combo TipicoEl Primo Pelu / Mensaje en La Navidad
Bounty 7730Rev. V. J. WeathersbyTake Me Back To Where I Belong (LP)Sermons - New Light Baptist Church 12700 Corlett Ave Cleveland 
Bounty 7732Rev. Kelley J Wright and choirHe is the Joy of My Salvation (LP)A siide is choir, B side is sermon with LP title, Mt. Ester Missionary Baptist Church, 12709 Union

(Sowa) 7802

Eddie Anthony

Annette / Barbara Jean

Eddie Anthony Sowa, pop-rock sound

Bounty 7807


23rd Psalm / Talk It Over With Jesus

1000p, 5-18-78*

Bounty 7808Juanita EllisMake A Joyful Noise / Make Heaven My Homelabel reads "With the Ohio Olympian Singers (in Concert)"

Bounty 7809

Spiritual Five Singers

I’ll Go Where You Want Me To Go / God’s Love

Bounty 7811Evangelist Sarah Battles EberhardtLP
Bounty 7812Rev. Mackalee WashburnTomorrow's Your Time Around / How I Got OverB side says "in memory of Mahalia Jackson"

(Soul Mine) 7815

Blue Heaven and the Cadillac Queens

I Ain’t Gonna Eat That Thing / Closet Of My Dreams

B side written and originally recorded by Melvin Van Peebles as "You Cut Up the Clothes in the Closet Of My Dreams"

Bounty 7816

Mack Singers

Down On My Knees / You’ve Got To Pray

(Caribi) 7817Jorge Santaella Y El Conjunto Tipico BoricuaA La Patria Mia / DesilucionLabel reads 7818, dead wax reads 7817
Bounty 7818Goslel EnsemblesWhat You Need / The Book Of LifeFrom Flint, Michigan - artist name is presumed a typo for 'Gospel'




Apparently some sort of boot - 10-28-78*

(LP) Bounty 7902Heavenbound SingersLP - no title on labelCover appears to be titled "Heavenbound"
Bounty 7905Fabulous SensationalsThank You For One More Day / What Do You Think About JesusFrom Griffin, Georgia

Bounty 7906

Dixie Travelers

Stand Still Jordan / I’ve Got Heaven On My Mind

From Columbus, Georgia
Bounty 7907Gospel Silvertone SingersI'm Going Home On The Morning Train / Jesus Will Fix ItFrom Columbus, Georgia

Bounty 7910

Rev. Jimmy Johnson and the Ohio Olympian Singers

Saved and Sanctified Pt. 1 / Saved and Sanctified Pt. 2

(B&M) 7911Bennie PerkinsFunky Feet / The Soul Song
(Sunrise) 7911Jack HoltBaby I Cried / Who's That KnockingSame guy who recorded the excellent county bopper "Moonshine Still"

Bounty 7912

the Christian Travelers

God Has Been / I'm A Soldier

(S.K.D.) 7913

Gentleman Jim Cook

Teach Me / Commercials

Bounty 7914

Ethel Baldwin

Jesus Lifted My Feet / Lord I'll Go

Bounty 7915the Late Rev. C. T. NelsonA World's Prayer / Great Consolation When I PrayGreater Friendship Baptist Church, Cleveland
Bounty 7919Modernairs Gospel SingersWalk Out In Jesus' Name / You Can't Turn Me Around
(Hometown) 7920Reggie ShellCleveland My Hometown / Last Request

Bounty 7923

the Burtons

I Made My Choice / You Need To Pray

(P.D.J.S.) 7926

Clark Darke and the Defaulters / The Defaulters featuring Charles Hancock

Disco Dennis / Gentle Man

A side is about Cleveland mayor Dennis Kucinich. Charles Hancock is the brother of Larry Hancock (Intertains, S.O.U.L.)

(Maggio) 7928

Bill Jacocks

You Are The One / Fickle Finger

(Accel) 7930J. R. and the Country Sound9/10 Of The Law / Lovin' YouJ. R. Eggers
(Revillot) 8008Kim TolliverIf Loving You Is Wrong (part 1) / If Loving You Is Wrong (part 2)7188 Sunset Blvd, Hollywood. Label says Recorded "live" at Stage One L.A. Live version of the Luther Ingram hit
Bounty 8009Mack SingersSinner Man Make A Change / In The Morning When I Rise

Bounty 8010

Robert Tyus

Miss You / Let The Funk Hang Out

Bounty 8013Wings Of Faith Jrs.He Will Move All Problems / He'll Take Care Of You
Bounty 8015Amazing AiresI'm Working For Jesus / I'm So Satisfied
(LP) Bounty 8021Victory FiveSomething About The Lord Is Mighty Sweet
Bounty 8105Spiritual BelieversHome Going / I Thank You Jesus
Bounty 8106Corinthian SingersI Am Leaning / It Will Pay Off
Bounty 8107Fantastic Lightning AresJesus You Are My Shining Star / God Take Care Of Me
(Caribi) 8107Penaranda IIContestacion A Teresa / Quitame La Vida
Bounty 8112Rev. R. L. HubbardChild Of The King / My Testimony
Bounty 8114Mighty Hearts Of Joy Stood On The Banks Of Jordan / I'll Fly Away
Bounty 8115Mighty Hearts Of JoyOld Time Religion / I Don't Mind Serving The Lord
(no label) 8118TriacIn Search Of / MessageHomestead Recording Studio, Engineer K. Williams
(Praise) 8122Sister Lacy Agosto (the Dynamic Soul)O'h Lord, Stay With Me / Somebody Bigger Than You And I
(LP) Bounty 8202Rev. V. J. WeathersbyLP - Somebody Ought To Say Someting On The Behalf Of JesusSermon - New Light Baptist Church
(Praise) 8204Gospel SensationsIt's God's Loving Power /  It May Be The Last Time
(The Northern Tornadoes) 8207Northern TornadosRedeemed / Keep On Walking By Faith
Bounty 8208Richard FoyHave You Heard About Jesus / Me and Jesus
Bounty 8209Marjorie CullThe King Went On A Journey / Telephone Gossip
Bounty 8210Marjorie CullUnwind / Don't Get Above Your Raising
(Schultz) 8212Bill SchultzJimi's Comin Back / Extra Erotic Frollicking PantiesJimi Hendrix tribute...two label colors, light blue and orange

(Schultz) 8213

Cynthia Landis

Railways / Sexy Lexy

Primitive throwback hard rock sound – probably cut elsewhere

(P.P.) 8218FlashLay U Down / Queen Of Swing
(Wildcat) 8401Donald EckertThat's The Way It Is / Play It Slow
8402Ethel and the Majek SingersJesus (LP)

(Only One) 8510

Rick Russell

I Wanna Lay Your Carpet / I Wanna Lay Your Carpet (instrumental)

(Cookin) 8511

Ben Dover and the Screamers

Straits of Rock & Roll / Towed My Car

Commercial hard rock sound – label logo revives the Soul Kitchen Stove in a more primitive form! No idea why….also sounds like it was recorded elsewhere

Bounty 8611Chosen Few of Cleveland, OhioThe Lord Will Make A Way / You Don't Know Like I Know
Bounty 8710Willie Yarborough and the Spiritual FiveBlessed Quietness / Thank You Lord

#5-5023, 5-5042, and 5-5587 are not a label numbers, They are the Kaybank pressing serial number. Done before the Boddie pressing plant was operational, presumably. Looks like the 55xx house numbering series starts with 5587 from the Kaybank numbering.

Records with * at the end are documented from the company records and may not match what’s actually on the labels.

Thanks to Tom Fallon