Cleveland, 1971-2

The Ba-Roz were a vocal trio of Cynthia Woodward, Joselyn Jones, and Vickie Scott. In 1972 they had a local/regional hit with a remake of the 1960s hit Mockingbird. This was their second and last 45 on the Pisces label, a label run by Chuck Brown of Saru/Horoscope records. All four sides were recorded at Agency.

Cynthia Woodward was in several other Cleveland groups, and was a member of the Blossoms in the 1980s. In the 1990s, the Ba-Roz members regrouped under the name of Drama and released a CD.

Come BacK Boy / The Last Time (Pisces 3840 aka 103) (most copies have the group name as Ra-Boz, a typo)
Mockingbird (vocal) / Mockingbird (instrumental) (Pisces 104)

Thanks to Jeff Beckman