A.C. Jones and the Atomic Aces / A.C. Jones and the Soulettes

Florida/Cleveland, 1965-6


A.C. Jones released two records on Cleveland’s Luau label. The first 45 is credited to A.C. Jones and the Atomics Aces, and company files show that the group were all from cities in central and northern Florida. The A.C. is short for Archie Cleveland, and A.C. was living in St. Petersburg, FL. Other members were Charles Moore, Bernard Wells, and Otis Wright. On the second 45, A.C. Jones recorded in Cleveland with the backing of the Soulettes, a group that included Carolyn Boyd, the sister of the Imperial Wonders’ Al Boyd. The 45 was leased to Imperial Records, through the O’Jays connection. It’s likely that members of the O’Jays band, such as Russell Evans, played on the session.

There’s no other known Cleveland related recordings by A.C. Jones after these records.


Oh Baby / Give Me Your Love (Bounty no #, Kaybank 5-5587) March 1965
Hole In Your Soul (Part 1) / Hole In Your Soul (Part 2) (Luau no #, Kaybank 5-5588) August 1965